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Coming May 2015

When St. Jerome penned his famous line, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ,” he wrote it in his introduction on Isaiah,
which he saw as the Gospel in Old Testament form. Isaiah remains prominent in the Church, as indicated by so many
Mass readings from Isaiah in Advent and Holy Week in addition to it being the main source in the Liturgy of the Hours’
Office of Readings throughout Advent and Christmas seasons. This cherished book deserves to be studied well.

And so we are thrilled to announce that CSS’s new study, Isaiah, will be coming in May 2015.

Featuring lessons written by Fr. Mitch Pacwa and pastoral videos by Fr. Patrick Winslow.

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“No one should think that I mean to explain the entire subject matter of this great book of Scripture in one brief sermon, since it contains all the
mysteries of the Lord. It prophesies that Emmanuel is to be born of a virgin and accomplish marvelous works and signs. It predicts his death, burial and
resurrection from the dead as the Savior of all men. I need say nothing about the natural sciences, ethics and logic. Whatever is
proper to holy Scripture, whatever can be expressed in human language and understood by the human mind, is contained in the book of Isaiah.”
– Saint Jerome, Patron Saint of Catholic Scripture Study International