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Bulletin/Pulpit Announcements

Luke Bulletin Announcement

Come join us this Fall for an exciting new parish bible study on Luke: The Gospel of Mercy. The state-of-the-art videography and inspiring music takes you on location to Rome and Assisi. It includes a powerful teaching video with comprehensive written commentary and a life application video for each of the sessions.  Of all the Gospels, only Luke is known as “The Gospel of Mercy”. And it is Luke that the Church draws from in a special way during this Jubilee Year. Come discover St. Luke’s unique insights into the heart of God. Join prolific author and speaker Paul Thigpen and Doors of Mercy host Fr. Jeffrey Kirby in exploring in Luke, the God who is rich in mercy, the God whose mercy is “from generation to generation.” We invite you to join us even if you’ve never participated before. You’ll be glad you did! Even if you can’t attend the sessions, you can join us remotely via Streaming Video.  See the bulletin or the pew cards for additional details.

The First session begins on ________________

Register after masses at __________________

For more info, contact ________________at ______________or e-mail _____________________


For more information see the bulletin or the pew cards for additional details.

General Sample Pulpit Announcement

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“Good Morning, my name is _________________ and I would like to tell you
about a great opportunity to grow closer to Christ and His Church through the
study of Sacred Scripture. This fall we will begin a study of (the Gospel of John,
Gospel of Matthew, book of Exodus, etc…) using a program from Catholic Scripture
Study, International.
This is an in-depth study that will meet weekly from______________ to _______________
The commentary for this study is written by________________________
The video lectures are presented by________________________________

In addition to learning so much about our Lord and His Church, you will also have
a great opportunity for fellowship with others in your parish family. The registration
fee is $_______ ,less than the price of a cup of coffee each week!
For more information please please see the bulletin or stop by the registration table located ____________________ to learn more about this great opportunity.
The deadline for registration is _______________.”

If a shorter announcement is needed consider:
“Registration for Catholic Scripture Study is currently underway. Classes meet
weekly from ___________ to ___________>  The fee for materials
is $______ . Please see the bulletin for more information or stop by the registration table located _____________
after Mass for more information.”