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Most Reverend John F. Donoghue, Former Archbishop of Atlanta

June 2, 2013 by  
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“I had the pleasure of examining a wonderful program offered by Catholic Scripture Study International, which I believe, surpasses any other program I have seen. In addition to materials which do not insult the intelligence of the Catholic seeker of truth, this program covers all the desirable bases – thorough textual analysis and exegesis, stimulating questions to engage the individual subscriber, and direct and faithful connections of what has been studied to the Catechism, and to the magisterial writings of the Church. I can easily assure any pastor, that this program will not only enhance the spiritual lives of your people individually, but also the level of spiritual vitality of your parish. For these reasons, and more, I heartily recommend this program to priests, deacons, educators, and any individual wishing to have a closer and deeper understanding of God’s word in Sacred Scripture, when ‘the Father, who is in heaven comes lovingly to meet his children, and talks with them.’ (Catechism #104)”

Most Reverend Peter Jugis, Bishop of Charlotte

June 1, 2013 by  
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“This Bible study program is rooted in sound Biblical scholarship and in the Church’s magisterium. I hope you will welcome and support this important Bible study program in your parishes.”

Teresa Tomeo

May 17, 2013 by  
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“Catholic Scripture Study allows Catholics, regardless of their level of Scripture knowledge, to see our Church from a truly Biblical perspective. It is so exciting and fulfilling to be able to connect the dots between what we read in the Old Testament and the New Testament and what we practice at Mass, in the Sacraments, and in our daily walk with the Lord.”