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Every day we receive positive feedback about CSS. Below is just a sampling of some of the comments we have received:

“Finally, an in-depth CATHOLIC Bible study! I love it!”
– Kathy Petley, Pennsylvania
“I love the combination of Bible study and learning the Catholic faith. I have seen people completely change their view of the Church.”
– Georgeann McGarry, Belgium
“I’m amazed at how much I learn each week. I’m growing in my understanding of the Catholic faith through the Bible. I’m very glad I’m doing this study.”
– Sue Alston, Indiana
“It is not an understatement to say that your program stands head and shoulders above all the rest. It was a unanimous decision to try CSS and we began with the Exodus study. We have found it be excellent!”
– Mary White, Missouri
“You know what my people are saying about our study? God is doing something great in our parish. A fresh wind is blowing. There is a new beginning. I am also thinking about one of the shorter courses during the summer vacation.”
– Augustine Soo Hon, West Indies
“Our men’s group loves the study. It feels like eating a Thanksgiving meal worth of knowledge every week.”
– Michael Osetinsky, Washington
“I want to thank God and you for organizing this study. It is such an answer to prayer for so many.”
– Bonnie Cangelosi, Florida
“Your CSS program is phenomenal – simply the best Bible Study I have ever seen. It is so easy to follow the format, and the information that is packed into each study is extremely educational. I find after each week of Bible Study, many of us, myself included feel ‘fueled up’ in our Faith and this helps us to put our Faith into practice.”
– Ellen Roesen, Minnesota
“Studying the Gospel of John with CSS was a unique and enriching experience. Not only did the study reveal layers of meaning in John that our group would not have grasped without the clear explanations given with each lesson, but the backup from our regional director, the lecture notes and the possibility of asking the authors questions meant that even an inexperienced leader such as myself could feel confident in leading a study.”
– Josephine Kamsvaag, Jerusalem, Israel
“I’ve been a CSS student since it’s inception and I think it’s a marvelous study… well written, wonderfully organized, and always interesting. Our group loves the DVD lectures and the materials are first rate! It was also very easy to get started, we were up and running within days of approval at our parish. Thank you for job well done!”
– Mickey Addison, Louisiana