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Catholic Scripture Study International is proud to partner with Verbum to provide premiere digital versions of our studies.

Verbum is a digital platform for Faith study that connects the texts of the Tradition to the Church of today. Easily jump into the Bible wherever it’s cited in our studies, and highlight and take notes right in the text—notes that sync across all your devices. You can even join an online group that allows discussion threads right in the text, so you don’t have to wait until the next meeting to have a healthy dialogue with your classmates.

Plus, when you add more resources to your Verbum library, you can do your own word studies on biblical Greek and Hebrew, access the “Bible Facts” database to learn what else the Bible has to say about an individual, and visually discover how they relate to other biblical people.

Verbum helps you get the most out of our studies—letting you explore further in any direction you choose, and dig as deep as you want.

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