Vatican II: This Sacred Council - Verbum (Digital) Study


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This Sacred Council Four Volume Set

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Set includes:

Volume I: Opening Speech and Dei Verbum

Volume II:  Lumen Gentium

Volume III:  Sacrosanctum Concilium

Volume IV:  Apostolicam Actuositatem

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Vatican II: This Sacred Council - Verbum (Digital) Study

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CSS is pleased to bring you this short study series exploring the Opening Speech and first document, Dei Verbum from the Second Vatican Council. Most Catholics are familiar with Vatican II and have likely heard the phrase, "…in the spirit of Vatican II…". However, few Catholics have actually read the documents. Consequently, the "Spirit of Vatican II" has come to mean many different things depending upon the source. We encourage all Catholics to take the time to study these important documents for themselves to discover the ideas that accurately reflect the Council teachings.

"We have completed three of the four CSS studies of the Documents of Vatican II at our Parish and have found that not only is the perception of what the council was trying to accomplish so wrong but we have been enlightened by the teachings in all aspects of our faith! This study is sure to deepen the faith of all participants and enrich their experience and participation in the life the Church. In this Year of Faith how appropriate it is that our eyes and ears should be opened by the wisdom of the Vatican II Council Fathers."

Jackie Scott, Regional Director of Religious Education Catholic Diocese of Peoria.