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LUKE: Gospel of Mercy Trailer

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Coming for Fall Studies!

All New CSS Bible Study for FALL!!

LUKE: The Gospel of Mercy

18 part Bible Study

 Dr. Paul Thigpen and Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

Join us for the exciting all new Bible Study from Catholic Scripture Study! You’ll discover a state-of-the-art new video format with music, stunning videography shot on location in Rome, a powerful teaching segment with comprehensive written commentary, and a life application video with for each of the 18 sessions.

Of all four Gospels, only Luke is known as “The Gospel of Mercy.” And it is Luke that the Church draws from in a special way during this Jubilee Year.

One of the most striking parables that Jesus ever told is the parable of the Prodigal Son.  It is remarkable for the image it gives us of the Divine Mercy:  God as the father of a wayward child, who rushes out to meet him while he is still far off.

But the parable of the Prodigal Son is remarkable for another reason: It is found only in the Gospel of Luke.

Luke gives us several unique parables of God’s mercy. The woman who seeks the lost coin.  The shepherd who goes after the lost sheep.  The Good Samaritan, who has pity on the misery of the waylaid traveler, who cares for him, and restores him to health.

This Fall, join prolific author and speaker, Dr. Paul Thigpen, and Doors of Mercy host Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, in exploring Luke: The Gospel of Mercy.

Come discover the unique insights the great evangelist St. Luke gives us into the Heart of God.  Come find in Luke, the God who is rich in mercy, the God whose mercy is “from generation to generation.”


1. An Introduction to Luke
2. Annunciation and Visitation
3. Birth and Childhood
4. Baptism and Start of Ministry
5. Mission of Mercy
6. Call of the Apostles
7. The Sinful Woman
8. Child, Rise!
9. The Good Samaritan
10. The Rich Fool
11. The Cure on the Sabbath
12. The Prodigal Son
13. Lazarus and the Rich Man
14. The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
15. Zacchaeus
16. The New Covenant
17. The Good Thief
18. The Road to Emmaus

Welcome to CSS

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Please watch this CSS Intro by Gail Buckley.

Sample Lectures

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